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Cortical Dynamics Ltd is working to provide clinicians and researchers with an improved ability to detect and accurately quantify the effects of a wide range of drugs on brain function. Cortical Dynamics regularly publishes such findings in peer-reviewed journals and professional conferences.

1. Books

Kingsford DPW, Liley DTJ. A System of Physical Examination. McGraw Hill, Sydney. 1991.

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To date depth of anesthesia (DoA) monitoring based on the analysis of spontaneous or evoked electroencephalographic activity has relied on a range of heuristic measures and methods to objectively assess the hypnotic state.  Because these measures and methods, are not derived from an understanding of how rhythmic activity arises in the electroencephalogram (EEG), or how such activity is modified by anesthetic agents, the performance of such heuristic methods must necessarily be suboptimal.