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ASA - ANESTHESIOLOGY 2015 - Comparisons of EEG Measures of Hypnosis

American Society of Anesthesiologists - ANESTHESIOLOGY 2015

Comparisons of EEG Measures of Hypnosis and Anti-Nociception in Response to Stimuli During Propofol Remifentanil Anesthesia.

Hypnosis and analgesia constitute two important components of anesthesia. Nociception induced responses during anesthesia result from inadequately inhibited ascending sensory signals. Current electroencephalogram (EEG) derived measures do not provide accurate information on this sub-cortical activity. The neurophysiology-based EEG measures Cortical Input (CI) and Composite Cortical State (CCS) have been shown to be differentially influenced by analgesic and hypnotic medications respectively,1 and thus could function as independent analgesia and hypnosis drug effect monitors.

Using these EEG derived measures to optimize anesthetic drug dosing before and during noxious stimulation could maximize patient safety and improve operating conditions while minimizing adverse effects.
Presented to the American Society of Anesthesiologists - ANESTHESIOLOGY 2015.


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