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Cortical Dynamics Limited is an Australian company which was incorporated in 2004 to commercialise technology developed at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne. Earlier in 2004, research managed by Professor David Liley had led to the invention of a new methodology using a complex mathematical algorithm to quantify important physiological features of higher brain function and give real time feedback. The methodology was initially applied to monitoring the depth of anaesthesia and the Brain Anaesthesia Response (BAR) monitoring system was developed. In 2005, BPH Energy Limited, an ASX listed alternative investment company, invested in Cortical Dynamics. 

Cortical has now received both TGA and CE approvals and is now commencing its sales campaign for Europe, Australia and other qualified countries.

Cortical Dynamics is working to provide clinicians and researchers with an improved ability to detect and accurately quantify the effects of a wide range of drugs on brain function. Particularly the effects of a number of widely used anaesthetic agents not detectable using current commercially available approaches.

Cortical Dynamics has an extensive patent portfolio which is currently going through national phase in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, China and the United States.

Cortical Dynamics' vision is to be a leading brain function monitoring company with an excellent reputation for innovation, product development and strong commercial management.